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Dates: October 23, 26, 28 and 30, 2021
Time: 7 : 30 PM
Place : Grand Théâtre de Québec – Louis-Fréchette Hall

The Opéra de Québec opens its 2021-2022 season with L’Elisir d’amore, a captivating work by Gaetano Donizetti on decidedly contemporary themes: love, disinformation, the search for miracle cures and the quest for meaning in a rapidly-evolving world. This production showcases five talented artists: with a staging designed by Alain Gauthier and including sets and costumes devised by an all-Québécois team, this opera will delight the public with its light-hearted character its humorous intrigues. A hilarious comedy featuring colorful characters, this story of thwarted, then fulfilled love, with resolutely current echoes is sure to make viewers laugh with its absurd situations and unexpected twists and turns.

Outside a 19th- century farmouse. The shy peasant Nemorino is miserable: the lovely and wealthy Adina mocks his feelings for her, while the handsome soldier Belcore ardently courts her with impassioned declarations. Adina reads to the crowd excerpts from the book she is engrossed in, which relates the tale of Tristan and Isolde: Nemorino would like to lay his hand on such a powerful love potion. But how? Enters Doctor Dulcamara, a wandering charlatan who has more than one trick up his sleeve: making a flamboyant entrance, he boasts about the wonders of various elixirs, each more intriguing than the next, and including the famous love potion (which is in fact a bottle of Bordeaux). One thing leading to another, from eccentric intrigues to unexpected twists and turns, Adina and Nemorino end up falling in love. Belcore accepts the situation with philosophy, asserting that there are plenty of women in the world, and the work concludes with the crowd rejoicing and praising the wondrous elixir.

Orchestre symphonique de Québec
Opéra de Québec chorus
Conductor: Jean-Michel Malouf

Staging: Alain Gauthier
Set Design: Ariane Sauvé
Costume Design: Émily Wahlman
Prop Design: Jeanne Huguenin
Lighting Design: Serge Gingras
Makeup Design: Élène Pearson

Original Italian version with French surtitles

Grand Théâtre de Québec box office
Phone: 418 643-8131
General inquiries: / 418 529-4142

COVID-19 and vaccination passport

Please note that since Sept. 1, 2021, a proof of vaccination is required to attend performances at the Grand Théâtre de Québec. For more information regarding this policy, please consult the Grand Théâtre de Québec’s website.


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Hugo Laporte


Julien Véronèse


Lucie St-Martin


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